Metkote Laminated Products is the premier manufacturer of pre-finished metal including Vinyl-Metal Laminates and Pre-Painted Metal. From appliances to automotive, electronics to architectural, pre-finished metals provide your end product with all the strength and flexibility of metal without costly and time consuming post finishing processes.

Simply fabricate and ship. Pre-finished metals are designed to form in most standard tooling and provide many process benefits:

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• Reduce lead times by eliminating the post finishing process.
• Cut down on V.O.C emissions by reducing your in-house finishing.
• Lower product scrap by eliminating uncontrolled outsourcing.
• Reduce hidden costs by simplifying your manufacturing.

In addition, pre-finished metals provide your design, sales, and marketing team with the widest possible selection of colors, patterns and textures to enhance the beauty and durability of your product.

Increase sales, penetrate new markets, enhance product quality, and raise customer satisfaction through the use of Vinyl-Metal Laminates and Pre-Painted Metals from Metkote.

Latest News

New Colors and Patterns -

Metkote is happy to announce that our stock color selection will have some new additions coming in 2012. We will be introducing over a dozen new colors and patterns including some high gloss selections. These colors are being targeted for a first quarter release and will be available for low volume, quick turn projects

  • Black Morocco
  • Laguna Washed
  • American Natural FL
  • Academy Maple FL
  • Carbon Fibers Silver
  • BABQ15524
  • Michael Marble
  • AJO400
  • AO0109
  • AE0643
  • AF0434

Vinyl-Metal Laminates are the superior choice for metal finishing. Various forms of flexible films such as PVC, TPO, PVC-PET, PVDF, and Hypalon are permanently bonded to metal to create a laminate that is highly formable and very durable. Applications range from the decorative to the functional such as appliances, merchandise displays, and single-ply roofing to name a few. Vinyl-Metal Laminates bring the added features of texture and pattern to metal finishing making them unique from a design standpoint.

Visit the Color Selections page for a preview.

Pre-Painted Metal is the most economical way to pre-finish metal today. Available in literally thousands of colors and glosses, Pre-Painted Metals are custom designed around your product’s needs for forming and function using paints such as polyester, epoxy and acrylic vinyl to name a few.

All Vinyl-Metal Laminate and Pre-Painted Metal products are available in Cold Rolled Steel, Aluminum, Hot Dipped Galvanized Steel, Stainless Steel, and Electro Galvanized Steel.

Vinyl-Metal Laminate sheets, blanks or strips:
Steel: . 016" - . 086"
Aluminum: . 025" - .125"
  60" max. Width subject to thickness
Vinyl-Metal Laminate & Pre-Painted coil/sheets:
Steel: . 006" - . 120"
Aluminum: . 010" - .120"
  60" max. Width subject to thickness

Note: The above parameters are general guidelines. Minimum run quantities, raw material availability, color selection, etc. can all affect a production run. Please inquire as to your specific needs, or if you require special items.


Mari-Kote is Metkote's Coast Guard approved Vinyl Clad Metal for use in a variety of marine applications, from wall panels to cabinetry. Click here for additional details.