Our Stock line of Vinyl-Metal Laminates provides a variety of designs to suit your product’s needs. These designs are available with low minimum order quantities and short lead times providing maximum flexibility:

The Standard selections of Vinyl-Metal Laminates are designed for maximum formability and endurance. The laminate can withstand all standard metal forming techniques up to and including deep drawing. Vinyl thicknesses range from .008" – .010" with a standard maximum stock width of 50". Custom widths, colors, patterns, and embosses are available on request.

The Flat Laminates line of Vinyl-Metal Laminates, designated by FL, offers a more economical stock vinyl selection for flat or very mildly formed products such as a gentle radius. Sampling and testing are recommended to ensure bond and aesthetics in your particular application. Vinyl thicknesses range from .004" – .012" with standard stock widths of 50" and 62".

All Standard and Flat Laminates selections have been approved for use in Metkote’s Mari-Kote marine Vinyl Clad Metal system.

Check with Customer Service for details or to receive a sample brochure.

The Designer line of Vinyl-Metal Laminates is not really a line at all, but an open ended custom option for those who wish to create a unique look for their finished product. By combining color, pattern, and emboss, you can create just the desired look. This option helps your product stand out in the marketplace and differentiates your company from the competition. Design presentations are available, or send us a sample to be custom matched. Minimum quantities vary by design.

Contact Customer Service for more information on this exciting option.

The above pages are examples of custom vinyl designs, but thousands of possibilities exist.

Pre-Painted Metal colors are tailored to your specific needs for color, fabrication, and product function. Generally a sample is required for color match or you may provide the paint specification code.Customer Service is available to discuss the details for Pre-Painted Metals.